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About Us

Here’s a good about us starter and the question we are often asked. “Where did the name ADSPAY originate?

  • The ADS part is hopefully self-explanatory.
  • It pays for the consumer as they often have multiple choices to save.
  • It pays for the business owner as the more you tell, the more you sell.
  • It hopefully pays for us, as profit is why we are all in business.

When we started to re-design our website, it wasn’t because we wanted to blow our very own trumpet; it was simply because we had to move with the times. The new ideas we had implemented over the past years needed to be displayed for potential buyers.

No, we are not here to engage in a war on words with the imitators because we are ADSPAY, and we know we do pretty well as the innovators. We started 20 years ago in the beautiful rural community of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Several years later we opened in Kingman followed by Bullhead City and on to Buffalo New York. Why Buffalo? It’s a long story but a great learning experience and maybe one day we’ll meet, and we’ll tell you all about it.

Now we’re in the big city 150 miles north of where we started, Las Vegas Nevada, where we have been published and printed for 20 years. The demand was there and the likes of recognized household names also requested us there. They saw what we had created in rural communities, so what could we do in one of the most famous cities in the world. We’ll let you know as we move along.

Yes, we know we are not unique and don’t profess to have invented the wheel, but we did look at the wheel and see where we could improve it and sell more wheels. We are a good looking magazine and we do have a great design team and we also know we can’t win them all as certain business owners will always want what they want in their ad, but release the reigns and let us do our job and voila!

  • We do print and mail in each zone 12 times per year.
  • We do saturate mailings to homes and businesses in each zone.
  • We are highly competitive, affordable and do create brand awareness along with sound results.

No hype, no false promises and when we say what we do, we then do what we say! But we do promise you that we are real people with a real attitude to life.

We don’t feel the need to confuse you with statistics and media survey results, all we ask is for you to request and we’ll give you a simple but concise sales pitch by either email or in person.

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You do not win if you do not enter!